Here is some care information on rabbits to help you on your way!








For housing your little bunny I always recommend the bigger the cage/pen the better, rabbits absolutely love to hop, play and do their binkies (lil rabbit jumps). The minimum cage size would be 2ft by 4ft, if your not using a pen attached to the cage your rabbit needs at least 2 to 4 hours out of the cage time to keep them healthy and fit. I also recommend making your own rabbit enclosure simply by purchasing grid squares which you can find at walmart/most depots in packs of about 16 and it's also cheaper! You will need a litter box, water bottle, hut for them to hide in and safe chew toys!


Litter - I use either aspen shavings, yesterdays news or arm and hammer natural pet bedding (has a nice scent).


Litter training comes natural in rabbits, they usually like to use one area. I recommend keeping your rabbits cage very simple for the first few months so they can focus more easily on using the litter box. Sometimes they will choose a different corner from where you originally placed the litter box so just move it to the new spot or having 2 litters helps even more until they get the idea. You can help lure them to their litter box by placing timothy hay inside of it and moving their poops into the litter.


Some rabbits learn faster than others but just give it some patience, also getting your rabbit fixed can also help!


Please DO NOT use cat litter which can be fatal if they ingest it.







^^ I personally love the rabbit diet chart from ^^


I find it works perfect with all my rabbits and keeps them at a healthy weight.




Good brands of rabbit pellets - Oxbow Essentials, Purina Wholesome Advantage, Kaytee Premium ect... you can buy other brands which also work fine, just ask me and I will let you know!


Give them 1 half a cup of pellets a day/1 small handful.


-- HAY --


TIMOTHY HAY IS THE BEST! You can give them alfalfa hay but only for the first year, alfalfa contains a higher content of calcium and protein which is good for a growing rabbit but as an adult they don't need it! Genuinely tho just good old Timothy hay is best for your little babies, you can also put it in many toys for them to enjoy and forage. Feed them unlimited hay! :)


Water - Keep their water bottles full 24/7, I don't recommend water bowls as they will pee/poo in them.




Here is some links with long lists of safe and non safe foods! If something is not listed please ask your vet!


Please be sure to read all the links, keep your rabbit safe and healthy!








When handling your bunny always make sure one hand is supporting their back and behind! They prefer to be held close to you and will be happier if you hold them at a ground level, they should NEVER be picked up by the ears, legs or tail which can be very painful for them. If you have younger children please always teach them to be gentle and always be supervise when a rabbit is being held. For petting on the daily I find my rabbits love their cheeks and ears rubbed, I also have many who like their butts rubbed and will stretch out completely. 


Rabbits are very smart and love attention, many will follow you and can be taught many tricks!